A Friend in Need

9 Mar

We received this amazing note today from Chantal in Canada:

“Have been trying to find a book to explain to our 6 year old why dad is sick went to Chapters nothing we live in Canada and my husband was diagnosised with Hodgkins Lymphoma NS Stage 2 and we have just started cycle 2 of 6 and the hair just went just watched your you tube video and word for word it is exactly how my husband feels guilt frustration and strugling to explain to our son why Dad can not do all the wonderful things with him as he did before you are amazing and thank you for sharing your story I am going on amazon to order the book now this book needs to be avaiable to all young families All the best Chantal.”

Chantal actually ordered two books–one for her family, and one for her cancer resource center, which seems to focus only on books for seniors. We are so grateful to “meet” Chantal and her family, and hope TYMDWB can hopefully help them face this challenge head on with a little humor. Chantal, please know we are here for you–and for all families who have been forced to join this wicked cancer club.


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