Feeding the starving artists

8 Jul

I always get people telling me how brave I am for facing down cancer, which I don’t really get. What other choice did I have? To me people who go out on a ledge and express themselves creatively or artistically are the courageous ones. What is it that compels someone to put out a song, story or piece of art that is strong enough to offset the fear of negative reaction or judgment. Upon the publication of The Year My Dad Went Bald, I noticed that the first people lining up to purchase were creative types that I knew. Musicians, Pat and Linda Dull, (Pat Dull and Media Whores, Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars) Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, The Sun, Your So Bossy and drummer for just about every good band in this town) Matt Reber of the Wexner Book Store and Phillip Fox have all been great supporters. Author Charles Leerhsen (check out his great new book Blood and Smoke, which is about the first Indy 500) was one of the first purchasers on our Amazon site.

Ken Eppstein publisher of Nix Comics Quarterly has taken to Facebook to help get the word out about some of the great things happening around town and Ohio with his “30 Days of Shilling for My Friends” which he highlights projects currently being produced by folks that he knows. What a cool idea. I was honored to be a part of it, and hope to do my part by supporting other folks.

I am sure that I have left somebody out in the haste of banging out this post, but do your part and help them by feeding a starving or thirsty artist today


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