Feeling Fine

18 May

Amazingly, I turned forty-five this week. Not amazing that I lived this long, but I remember my friend’s parents being forty-five and thinking that was old. I sneak peeks at old high school classmates on Facebook and wonder where the all rowdy dudes and seemingly, out of my league, cheerleaders went. Did we all turn to mortgage brokers and soccer moms overnight? That’s never gonna happen to me. But as I pulled up support stockings (for my varicose veins, I know, TMI) this morning I realized that it already has. I am good with it though. As a cancer survivor you can’t take these things for granted. I am still having a hell of good time and despite the various aches and pains. And my prized birthday presents from my family were Philadelphia Union soccer hat and an Evan Turner 76ers jersey, so I think I still I have some growing up to do. I think I will take my time.


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