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On The Road

7 Feb

The Year My Dad Went Bald hits the road this weekend to Findlay, Ohio. We were invited by  Carol Metzger-Sturgeon of Cancer Patient Services to sign books at hockey tournament on Sunday February 12. The tourney which features two adult teams from Marathon Petroleum Corporation will be played at the Cube Ice Rink, 3430 N Main Street in Findlay. The chance to meet some new folks who are helping in the  fight against cancer and watch some great hockey sounds like a perfect way to spend at Sunday afternoon. We will be there starting at 5 pm.


Bear Essentials

31 Aug

Whenever I see a copy of “The Year My Dad Went Bald” go out to a cancer care center it is great to make a connection with the directors and staff of the facilities. I am amazed at all of the great work they do to help families facing cancer. Cancer care centers are using innovative techniques like art therapy and other family activities to help kids (and parents) best deal with a cancer diagnosis. I am proud that TYMDWB has become a tool to help educate and assist. Barbara Goldberg of the  Bear Essentials Support Group for Children at the Missouri Baptist Cancer Center in St. Louis was kind enough to write.

“The Year My Dad Went Bald” by Brian Kraft is a must read for families dealing with a diagnosis of cancer.  It is a universal story of hope,
courage and inspiration. Told through the perspective of a young boy, it gracefully guides children through a scary and sometimes unpredictable situation with with, sensitivity and truth.

As the coordinator of a support group for children who have a loved one battling cancer, I have found “The Year My Dad Went Bald” to be a wonderful resource.  I highly recommend this book to parents and professionals.”

Thanks to Barbara Goldberg and all those who strive to make life a little better for families in need.

Feeling Fine

18 May

Amazingly, I turned forty-five this week. Not amazing that I lived this long, but I remember my friend’s parents being forty-five and thinking that was old. I sneak peeks at old high school classmates on Facebook and wonder where the all rowdy dudes and seemingly, out of my league, cheerleaders went. Did we all turn to mortgage brokers and soccer moms overnight? That’s never gonna happen to me. But as I pulled up support stockings (for my varicose veins, I know, TMI) this morning I realized that it already has. I am good with it though. As a cancer survivor you can’t take these things for granted. I am still having a hell of good time and despite the various aches and pains. And my prized birthday presents from my family were Philadelphia Union soccer hat and an Evan Turner 76ers jersey, so I think I still I have some growing up to do. I think I will take my time.